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Dear Friend,

Did you ever walk into another room to get something… and then… forget what the heck it was you wanted to get? Have you ever been held up when you wanted to go someplace because you couldn’t remember where you put your car keys? Have you ever been talking to a friend and right in the middle of a sentence you completely “blanked-out” on the point you wanted to make?

Don’t worry. You probably don’t have Alzheimer’s. And, in all probability, you don’t have a brain tumor either. Chances are, there’s nothing seriously wrong with you. You may just need a simple little pill the drug companies would prefer you not know about. Some doctors know about this pill. Most don’t.

Like a lot of natural remedies, it doesn’t require a prescription and it doesn’t have any scary side effects like the drugs pitched on TV. In fact, I interviewed one doctor who thinks it could very well be the most potent treatment in the world for memory enhancement as well as

How To Have A Photographic Memory… At Any Age!

The average person has over a hundred billion neurons.  They branch out and cross-connect like a huge network of 3-dimensional spider webs. And when I say “huge” I really mean it! There are over a trillion points of connection called synapses.   It’s also over this vast network that your neurons talk to each other.

It’s through minute electrical charges and complex brain chemicals called neurotransmitters that memories are created. They sweep through your brain in waves which signal and activate even more “memory messengers.”

The bad news is that when we get older or when we experience trauma like brain surgery, these complicated processes and electrically-driven “waves” and “progressions” get altered. Not just that, both your brain as well as individual neurons deteriorate over time and actually shrink which diminishes mental capacity.  Lastly, aging also radically affects blood flow to the brain which contributes to the mental “fog” so many seem to experience.

How To Remember Your Car Keys… Even If
You’re Over 100 Years Old!

Fortunately, a scientist friend of mine has a strategy to support fast, crystal-clear thinking no matter how old you are. He’s not against all prescription drugs mind you, but he knows that over 120,000 people die each year because of the drugs their doctors prescribed for them. Plus, he also thinks many prescription drugs do more harm than good… and… most of the time there are natural remedies which are cheaper, have no side effects and work 10 times better. That’s a funny thing from a guy who spent a small fortune and years of his life and was well on his way to becoming a medical doctor isn’t it?

But he can’t help it. One summer while still in college he spent time in a section of Northern India. A missions trip that changed his life forever. After working with native healers and doctors in some very remote villages, he realized he could never write a prescription for a drug back home he knew wasn’t good, especially as he learned in India, when there are so many better alternatives.

Let me give you an example. If you’re over 40, you’ve probably experienced some minor memory lapses that irritate you. If you are over 50, maybe it’s gotten to the point where you are concerned about it.

Well, the good news is you most likely don’t need a prescription drug. What you really need is a combination of natural ingredients (a few of them are very difficult to find) that, once in the brain, actually activate neurotransmitters and neuroreceptors. These are the switches that need to be turned back on if you want rapid “quick thought connections” at the synapse level.  It’s also the key to a very dramatic memory enhancement.

And guess what? Not only is this the key to improving memory… but also… a significant increase in concentration, an elevation in mood and reduction in mental fatigue. Also exciting is the fact that when humans use these ingredients… in the right combination… the results can be extremely fast.

However, you must take the right kind of natural neuro-activators, the right amount… plus they need to be harvested in a certain way to ensure potency, resulting in memory magnification.

Bill Heid
President, Powerful Living Inc.

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