Aztec Black Chia

Aztec Black Chia


The Amazing “Aztec Super-Food” Used By Top Survivalists For Mission-Critical Strength And Endurance!

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Aztec Black Chia honors its Aztec heritage. It’s grown in rich volcanic soil on mountainsides that are fed by mineral-rich mountain aquifers. Our chia fields are traditional small farm plots, not giant agribusiness endeavors, and they’re located high in the fertile mountains of the old Aztec empire in Mexico.

Authentic Aztec chia, grown in its native environment, has evolved over millennia to repel the local insects naturally. That’s why we never have to use harsh chemical pesticides or toxic insecticides to grow Aztec Black Chia. Our chia is grown by small farmers who have far more time and attention to lavish on their crops than the industrial growers do. Aztec Black Chia is grown using sustainable, authentic heritage farming techniques… even grown without manmade irrigation systems!

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Aztech Black Chia

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