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Survival Seed Bank x1

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Survival Seed Bank
Survival Seed Bank × 1
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Survival Seed Bank
Survival Seed Bank × 1 $149.95
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Subtotal $149.95
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“We tried almost every organic fertilizer under the sun and your ProtoGrow works BETTER than anything! We use it to grow the vegetables that we sell at our produce stand during the summer. (I also use it on my flowers) Our customers tell us that our produce tastes superior to anything they have ever grown themselves or bought at a store. We have a little secret… it’s your product, ProtoGrow.”

Cindy Jacobs - Peoria, IL

“I started using ProtoGrow about three months ago. I was pretty desperate, my cat had been clawing and chewing on my house plants and they were in terrible shape. Since I started using ProtoGrow my plants look amazing the leaves are shiny, green and full and the cat doesn’t seem to bother them as much anymore. Also my wife has started using ProtoGrow in her outdoor garden, she says it has created a bigger and better crop of carnations, daisies and lilies than in any year previously. We believe that ProtoGrow is the most intense fertilizer that we’ve ever used and because it’s a universal fertilizer it the only one that we need.”

Bill Parks Anapolis, MD

“This is my first experience with ProtoGrow. Therefore, it is still astounding to me.
I read about your product in a magazine, told my husband. He knowing my interest in gardening, decide to purchase it for me.I am well satisfied with the results. My spring tender green are still producing and are remaining tender and tasty way past harvest time. My zucchini, cucumbers and sweet corn tend to double in size. I’m still pinching blooms on tomatoes to increase stalk size to prevent staking. Foliage is larger and darker green which usually means a good yield. “

Silvia Roberts - Wellington, AL

Powerful Living was not only knowledgeable, they went out of their way to be helpful – something I find very rare these days. I have been equally impressed with my solar generator’s design and functionality.


Great job Powerful Living team. We are very happy customers and very happy with the products we’ve received and we will definitely order from you guys again in the future. Again thank you so much for everything and the great products you guys put out for us and the general public.


I had been looking all over the internet and there is nothing comparable to what product you’re putting out.

I’d like to thank you very much for everything that you’ve done and I’m looking forward to doing business with you again…